Hotter Than Hell

Here’s another rough panel from the Perhapanauts story. The roughs are coming along nicely. .

Not much else to say. Oh, wait, I know what to talk about…

I got some awesome in the mail, yesterday! This is the package I received from Tumor and Elk’s Run artist/co-creator Noel Tuazon. Personalized with drawings of Ace Frehley and Peter Criss! Here’s a close up…Not only was the outside of this manila envelope super cool but within the confines there was a copy of Noel’s very own hot off the press comic, Ribstallments! All the tales were written and drawn by Noel and they all entertain. My favorite one was about Jesus… you’ll never see it coming, folks! Go to his site and ask for your copy today!

Thanks, Noel!

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