I *am* working on stuff, you know. Most of it is not for peoples’ eyes, yet. These are 2 panels that are ready for inking. What are they for, you ask? Why, they are part of the story I’m drawing for Ed Brisson’s Murder Book #3.

I’m also working on a couple of drawings that will be made into prints for the comic conventions I will be attending as an exhibitor.

If Not For Explosivo

This Moon Knight drawing is late and I blame Ian Explosivo. Because of his dinosaur and Daredevil fetishes, and because there was a surprise birthday party celebrating his birth, I put off finishing this MK drawing in favour of doing Ian a Dino Daredevil drawing, as a gift. I’ve asked Ian to send me a scan of the DDD drawing, so I have proof for my MK tardiness…

Anyways… Moon Knight vs….. Stiltman… sigh…

With A Little Luck

Here is the back outside cover to the Kill All Monsters! ashcan edition! The ashcan will have 28 pages of black and white interior art and a full colour cover, all in a landscape format. This is going to have a limited print run so contact me at j(dot)copland(at)telus(dot)net and let me know you want a copy (or @JasonCopland on Twitter or on Facebook). If you order it from me, it will even include a small ink drawing of something Kill All Monsters! related. With a little luck, you can get it from me in person at next month’s Emerald City Comic Convention.