Pop Song 89

Here’s a shot of the rough panel next to the finished panel. For the most part, I followed the rough pretty close. I did end up making the panel a little taller so that it fit the page better. I put tone in for the distant figure to try to help it “pop” and not get lost in the background. I think it works fine. I might ditch the tone when the pages get coloured, though. We’ll see.

Stained Class

Here’s another panel from the Perhapanuts story I’m drawing. I think I’m starting to like drawing the Perhaps in period costumes.

The first page is inked and the second one is about to be stained with 100% carbon black pigment…. and probably a bucket full of whiteout.

It Ain’t Enough

I’m making good progress on a Rich Woodall penned Perhapanauts short story that will be part of Todd and Craig’s “Tales of the Perhapanauts” feature.

Again, you can see that my work is a hybrid mix of digital and traditional media. From here I would print this out in non-photo blue and ink it with brush/nib. I’m not sure why I feel that these digital lines aren’t good enough to be considered “inked” lines. It would save me a lot of time if I just decided that they were print ready.

Just Begin Again

So long, Blogger. Hello, WordPress!

As you can see, the blog building continues. We still have to get the No Quarter archives moved over and add a custom header and such… but it’s getting there. In the meantime…

I’ve finished up the art for the 2nd part of the zombie story, “Not at the End”,  that Anthony Schiavino and I are contributing to the Zombie Bomb series (Man, zombies are fun to draw!). There is a 3rd part which I will be drawing in the coming months. Until then, however, I will be focusing on drawing up a new Perhapanauts tale that will be featured on the Perhapanauts site. Sort of a “Tales of the Perhapanauts” thing. The story was penned by writer/artist/editor pal, Rich Woodall. It’s going to be a lot of fun! I’ll be posting my progress on that one, as I go along.