Rough Around The Edges

I’m knee deep in the inks of the latest Murder Book short story that will be seen in Jay Faerber’s NEAR DEATH #9, from Image Comics ( #8 is out next week and it contains the first Murder Book short that Ed Brisson, Paul Little and I have done specifically for NEAR DEATH!). Having little time to do fancy smancy drawings for my blog, I present some rough sketches, instead!

Kill All Monsters Print (colour)

Here is the colour version of the Kill All Monsters convention print, coloured by the incredibly talented Paul Little!

I was extremely lucky to nab Paul Little (colourist for many comics including Xenoholics (Image) and Bomb Queen (Image)) in time to get the print ready for the Image Comics Expo, this weekend. Paul coloured a short story I drew for Zombie Bomb! a while back and I loved what he had done with it. It was a no-brainer to ask him to colour the KAM print, as well as a few other prints that I will be posting here, next week.

I will have colour and B&W Kill All Monsters prints for the Image show, this weekend. Ed and I will be at table #306. We hope to see you there!

Also in convention news… some awesome news was given to KAM letterer/Murder Book writer Ed Brisson, yesterday. Ed and I got a table for the Emerald City Comicon! I’m very excited about that! Ed and I (and maybe Johnnie Christmas) will have a Murder Book print made up in time for the show! More news on that, as the show gets closer.

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s… wait… what is it?

So, I’m working on a few things.

There is the main story in the 3rd issue of Ed “Don’t Call Me Brubaker” Brisson’s Murder Book. We have started a IndieGoGo Campaign for that which will fund the printing of it and also help pay the artists (me and the uber talented Johnnie Christmas). There are some awesome perks to purchase, too. Go check it out!

I am also working on some prints for the upcoming convention season. The image above is the pencil drawing that I will ink from. I just wanted to make this blog entry all mysterious and stuff so I dropped out the figure.

I will show the other print I am working on, tomorrow. Check back, will you?

ooooooooohhhhh… so mysterious!

Gritty Crime Comics

One of the stories I’m currently drawing is an 18 page crime tale written by Ed Brisson for his Murder Book series. Ed has started up an IndieGoGo campaign to help fund the printing of Murder Book Vol. 3.

Murder Book Vol. 3 will feature the stories Midnight Walk, illustrated by Johnnie Xmas and Fathers and Sons, illustrated by Jason Copland.

If you dig current and gritty crime comics like Criminal and Scalped, then Murder Book is your bag!

Lots of perks, so please do take a look at the project page and support a pro indie comic! . I’d love it if everyone could also help spread the word.