It’s The Final Countdown

Michael May (right) and myself at C2E2.

Michael May (left) and myself at C2E2.

With about 29 hours to go (as I write this), the Kill All Monsters Kickstarter has almost reached $11K! But whatever the final total is, it’s already far exceeded our expectations. The support and encouragement we have received has been overwhelming. We’ll never be able to express our gratitude appropriately. To all those who have backed the project, spread the word and/or commented… Michael and I humbly thank you. You guys rock!

You can still get the book, if you miss the Kickstarter! It is available to order through your comic retailer. It will also be available via and Comixology, very soon! I’ll make sure to update this site with that info when it happens!

Thank you for all your support!



Behind The Curtain


For those wondering, Kill All Monsters pages continue to be created! Michael continues to write them. James continues to edit them. I continue to draw them. Ed… well, the pages haven’t got to him yet, but he stands at the ready. Look for a big announcement about the new home of KAM in the New Year.

Until then, the pages will continue to be made under a veil of secrecy…

Thanks for your patience!

Reasons For Waiting

It’s Friday. 3 more Kill All Monsters! pages have been posted over on Go check them out. I’ll wait.

Back? Good.

You’re just in time to read a couple of early reviews for KAM!. You can see some of the love given to our monster killing efforts HERE and HERE. There is also a small KAM! Q & A with our good friend, Alex Ness, HERE.

Michael and I are extremely grateful for the support we have been receiving and want to thank all of those who have taken the time to read the comic (and even write about it!), thus far. We truly appreciate it. We know that there hasn’t been a lot of character/plot information in the pages posted but we promise that, as we progress, many things will be developing (It’s not all fighting! I swear!).

So, in conclusion, we hope you will continue to follow along. We’d miss you if you didn’t.

Cool Change

Kill All Monsters! page 1 inked and ready for some zip tones!

I’m not sure how many pages I’m going to post, from here on in. I think it’s better to have you fine fellows see this stuff as it goes “live”, over at You see, Review2aKill is going to be the place to read Kill All Monsters! online. Starting in mid-October, we will be posting  2 KAM! pages every Friday until the book is complete! After that, it will be collected into a trade paperback!

Michael and I will also be starting up, very soon (with the help of KAM!‘s letterer, Ed Brisson). It will be the site for all KAM! info, bonus material and behind the scenes stuff. There will be an announcement here when that goes live… mostly likely in time for KAM!‘s Review2aKill debut in October.


Broken English

I got back from a quick trip to San Fransisco, yesterday. Who would have thought it could be so cold in August in California? Jackie and I had a great time, although the traffic through downtown SF is horrible. Our 1 hour trolley ride took 2 hours… which would have been fine but the tour guide spoke such painfully broken English that 2 hours felt like an eternity.

I got to the airport early and sat a drew a few sketches. This is one of them… ink on paper with digital tones laid down in Photoshop (after I got home).

Cool Change

Michael May and I are getting closer to kicking into high gear. Kill All Monsters! has become a focus of ours, again. I’m not saying any more than that, as these things tend to change unexpectedly… from time to time. But, there has been some discussion, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

In honour of all this, I drew these robots as a fun little doodle. These are just sketches. Me goofin’ around.

Ink and whiteout on paper. Tones done in Photoshop.

Kicking My Heart Around

I’m seriously kicking around the idea of doing another set of Marvel sample pages. I got great feedback from some editors when I showed them my Cloak & Dagger samples a few months ago and thought I should keep the ball rolling. Michael May and I are talking about teaming up to make my next Marvel samples star our favorite Canadian Superhero team. Now, I wonder which  team that might be……?