File It Under Fun From The Past

Here’s the inked version of a Hell’s Gate rough page that I posted a few weeks ago.

I’m now moving into the style/process of drawing that I want to make my own. From that rough to this page, no other tightening up was done. All the lines are fast and dirty. I’m leaving some of my “mistakes” in.  Almost no brush was used, just to fill in the heavy black areas.

Yep. Drawing is fun, again!

Break In-City (Storm The Gate)

I’m doing the layouts for Hell’s Gate, now. Ian and I are working “Marvel style” on this one, meaning that I’m working from a basic plot outline. No detailed panel descriptions or dialogue. It’s a tricky but fun thing to do. I get to choose the shots. That makes it much easier to choreograph the characters.

Here is what the rough layout of page 2 looks like. Some of the panels spill over and out of the page. No worries. I’ve roughly calculated the scales of the panels and will make them all fit by re-sizing them and move them around using Photoshop. I will be inking directly from this rough.


It feels strange doing character designs for this new short story, Hell’s Gate. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it might have something to do with it being in the superhero genre. As weird as it may sound (or maybe it’s not weird at all), I’ve never drawn a superhero story. I’ve done sample pages and comics when I was young… but never anything that’s been published.

Ink and whiteout on paper.

Anyway, this is a character sketch of the warden of a jail for the super-humanly powered. It might not be her final look but it’s close.

Song For The Asking

Starting to work on a new short story called Hell’s Gate. It’s written by Ian Ascher and will be part of the Digital Webbing 2.0 anthology series. Although this is the opening scene of the story, what I’m showing is really just me working on a look and some character designs. I’m not sure what Ian will think of the style I am employing here. I guess I should ask…

Mostly ink and whiteout on paper. Tones and a bit of digital drawing all done in Photoshop.