To Print or Not To Print

So my BIG PLAN was to take some of my favorite Marvel and DC drawings I’ve done, add the amazing talents of colourist Paul Little and make some kick-ass prints out of them to sell at some fast approaching conventions. That was the plan…and then the Marvel vs Gary Friedrich storm hit the comic community.

Even before the poop hit the fan, I was *slightly* uneasy about selling licensed material. Yeah, I know that it is everywhere at conventions. Lots of Artist Alley exhibitors make money selling their versions of licensed characters. It’s been like that for a very long time. But, I’ve never sold anything at conventions that I didn’t own/co-own or have permission to sell and the thought of me doing to Marvel/DC what Marvel/DC do to their creators makes me hesitant to go ahead with my BIG PLAN. The current

The coloured drawings I now have ready to go are wonderful. Paul killed on them. I will share them on here (the first one is gracing this post).

I just don’t know if I will sell them.