Motion Sickness

I did this robot sketch while on the bus, yesterday. I’m getting better about drawing in public. Mostly I just worry about getting motion sickness from drawing while the bus is moving.

I slapped some grayscales and tone and a little bit of colour. This little guy is going in my stockpile of robots I’m amassing for a far off project I’m thinking about.

Rough Around The Edges

I’m knee deep in the inks of the latest Murder Book short story that will be seen in Jay Faerber’s NEAR DEATH #9, from Image Comics ( #8 is out next week and it contains the first Murder Book short that Ed Brisson, Paul Little and I have done specifically for NEAR DEATH!). Having little time to do fancy smancy drawings for my blog, I present some rough sketches, instead!

Broken Arrow

There was a time in the 80’s when Hawkeye was my favorite Avenger. It didn’t last long, though!

And that does it for Avengers Assemble Week here at No Quarter. I was hoping to continue it into next week but my drawing schedule just got packed! Thanks for playing along!

Hawkeye was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Don Heck.

Ink and whiteout on paper. Colour and tone done in Photoshop. You can buy the original drawing off my store site.