Monster and Dame

Here is a ink sketch of a monsters and a dame. This is a rough idea for my entry to the Monsters & Dames contest for ECCC. If the final pin up gets chosen, it goes into the convention’s Monsters & Dames book. I’ll have to find a colourist for the final drawing, though. Black and white drawings don’t have a very good chance to make it into the book, I hear.

Chapter 2 is up

The second issue of Kill All Monsters! is now for sale at Artist Alley Comics. It’s only 99 cents and contains a couple of pages of never-before-published story in addition to what was in the webcomic version. I hope you’ll consider checking it out. In this issue, the Kill Team is stranded in Paris and leaves the safety of their robots to explore the city, but learn that all monsters aren’t necessarily the giant kind.

The first issue is also still available for the low, low price of FREE.

Zombie Thing

These are 3 panels from a zombie story I am drawing for the 3rd volume of FUBAR. The story was written by Fabian Rangel Jr. There are lots of undead in this story story… just none in these panels.

I’ll be grayscaling and zip toning the story, too. I’ll give more info about the book as it gets closer to dropping.

ROM Spaceknight

2 quick drawings of everyone’s favorite Spaceknight action figure turned Marvel Comic icon! I’m toying (hahaha I love me some puns!) with the idea of doing a few more convention prints and people seemed to be interested in seeing my take on ROM. I put my pen nib and brushes to work and these were the results. I think adding more of a story to them would make them stronger so I don’t see either of these made into prints. I do see them as original sketches to sell though…

Foster: Legacy

Here is a sneak peek at the first page of the 9 page Foster story I drew for Brian Buccellato’s Foster Anthology. The story is called “Legacy” and was written by Brian and Troy Peteri and coloured by Joseph Baker… but, having just looked at the image above, all that info is right on the page. Sigh. Oh well…

The anthology will be debuting at this years SDCC. Look for Brian and make sure to grab a copy!


This is for a sketch blog that I’m lucky to be a part of. Some really talented people are involved. This week we picked the comic/GN that most inspired us to start drawing comics. Mine? Frank Miller’s RONIN.

Lines done in marker with whiteout here and there. Colours done in Photoshop.