Bottoms Up!

Everyone’s favorite Canadian superhero. And, while technically not a member of Alpha Flight, Wolverine did hang with James Hudson for a while before going off to the X-Men.

I ran out of space on the paper so I added another piece to it. Then, I ran out of more space (at the bottom). That’s what you get for not doing a rough drawing to ink from. I may add a little more space at the bottom so I can finish drawing his other hand. I’ll be toning this, too. I just ran out of time, last night.

Ink and whiteout on paper.


Here’s a drawing of another original member of Alpha Flight…. Marrina. It’s strange that I drew her next as she’s one AF character that I’m pretty indifferent about. Actually, that goes with pretty much all comic characters that are concerned with the sea or water. Yes, I’m looking at you, Aquaman.

Ink and whiteout on paper. Tones done in Photoshop.

I’m So Glad

Continuing with my Alpha Flight theme, I present Aurora. I had drawn another Aurora image right before this one but it just didn’t have any attitude/sex-appeal. I’m glad I gave it another go. Overall, I dig this… although her face might be a little too manga-esque for me.

Now… which Alpha Flight member should I draw next?