New Monster Design

I discovered an awesome tutorial page on the Zeng Zhu Design site. There are many excellent tutorials about design creating and general illustration tips. Very informative.

I tried the silhouette design process tip to help create this monster design. I’m not 100% jazzed about this design but I definitely thought the silhouette process of starting a design was a great new way for me to generate ideas for creatures.

Sound of Thunder

Just to make sure you guys aren’t worried about the status of Kill All Monsters!, I’m posting a shot from a rough page layout I’m about to ink. The plan is to have the whole 250 page she-bang done by May 2012…. for a very special event. Michael and I can’t talk about it yet but we are very excited about the future home of KAM. More info will come much later in the year. Until then, rest assured that we are moving with KAM and the whole thing will be ready for you in 2012!

Screen Shot #9

Some more Kill All Monsters! rough layouts. I’m trying to get ahead of schedule on these because I know that time is going to be hard to find next week as I get ready to go to ECCC! I won’t have a table but KAM! letterer, Ed Brisson, has graciously offered to find some display space for the Kill All Monsters! ashcan on his New Reliable Press table. Thanks, Ed!

I hope to see you all in Seattle next weekend and make sure to drop by and have a look at the limited edition Kill All Monsters! ashcan comic!