Break In-City (Storm The Gate)

I’m doing the layouts for Hell’s Gate, now. Ian and I are working “Marvel style” on this one, meaning that I’m working from a basic plot outline. No detailed panel descriptions or dialogue. It’s a tricky but fun thing to do. I get to choose the shots. That makes it much easier to choreograph the characters.

Here is what the rough layout of page 2 looks like. Some of the panels spill over and out of the page. No worries. I’ve roughly calculated the scales of the panels and will make them all fit by re-sizing them and move them around using Photoshop. I will be inking directly from this rough.

One thought on “Break In-City (Storm The Gate)

  1. That’s exactly how I do it, at least for The Utopian. Rough layouts, then I resize in Photoshop and directly digital ink there.

    Love the movement and energy on this page. Look forward to the finished story!

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